Schools & Departments

School of Chinese Language and Literature
School of Communication
School of Social Science
School of Political Science and Public Administration
School of Marxism
School of Education
School of Business
Kenneth Wang School of Law
School of Foreign Languages
Gold Mantis School of Architecture
School of Mathematical Sciences
College of Physics, Optoelectronics and Energy
School of Physical Science and Technology
School of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering
School of Energy
College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
College of Nano Science & Technology
School of Computer Science & Technology
School of Electronic and Information Engineering
School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering
School of Iron and Steel
College of Textile and Clothing Engineering
School of Rail Transportation
School of Physical Education and Sports
School of Art
School of Music
Soochow University Medical College
School of Biology and Basic Medical Science
School of Radiation Medicine and Protection
School of Public Health
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Nursing
First Clinical Medical School
Second Clinical Medical School
Clinical Pediatrics School
Third Clinical Medical School

Student Colleges
C. W. Chu College Tang Wenzhi College

Affliated Colleges
Wenzheng College Applied Technology College