fashion culture of jiangnan in late Ming dynasty

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Lecture title: fashion culture of jiangnan in late Ming dynasty


Speaker: professor wang weiping of soochow university


Time: 13:30-15:00 on Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Where: webcast


Object: students of Japanese department of foreign language college of su university

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The fashion culture of the late Ming dynasty was manifested in clothing, food, housing and transportation, among which the clothing culture was the most prominent. The fashion culture of the late Ming dynasty was most typical in jiangnan, because jiangnan in the Ming and qing dynasties was not only the economic center of the country, but also the cultural center. Suzhou in the region south of the Yangtze river was also a famous fashion capital in China and even the world at that time, which can be seen from the emergence of new terms such as "su yi", "su like", "su zuo" and "su style". These new terms reflect the style of suzhou and its status as a national fashion center. In terms of clothing culture, suzhou also leads the trend of the whole country.

About the keynote speaker:


Wang weiping, Ph.D., national Hiroshima university, Japan; cheung kong scholar, ministry of education; distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor, soochow university; director of wu culture research base, key research base of humanities and social sciences in jiangsu province; director of suzhou library. Guest speaker of the program "lecture room" of CCTV. History teaching guidance committee of the Ministry of Education, the Chinese society and history of Chinese economic history association, standing director, director, director of China social security association, standing director of Chinese society for the study of fan zhongyan, economic history association, jiangsu province, and regional culture research association, vice President of historical society, President of suzhou historical society, the Japanese city of Hiroshima overseas councilor, etc. It mainly studies Chinese urban history, social history, jiangnan regional history (wu cultural history) and fang zhixue. Presided over by national social science fund, the ministry of education subject, such as more than 10 items, editor in chief of "celebrities.of research", "suzhou literature books, etc. 5 sets of dozens of series, over 10 monograph publications, in" the Chinese academy of social sciences ", "historical research", "historical research" (Japan), "journal of history of Hiroshima, Japan (Japan), and other journals published more than 180 papers at home and abroad.