classical rereading and rambling on the study of Japanese literature

The  lecture series of the school of foreign languages on Eurasian community and Japanese culture




Lecture title: classical rereading and rambling on the study of Japanese literature

Speaker: professor liu xiaofang of tongji university


Time: 15:30-17:00 on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Where: webcast

Target: students of Japanese department of foreign language college


The content is introduced


In recent years, the study of Japanese literature in China shows a tendency of Pan culture, which makes the traditional study of literariness in a dilemma. So, is it the end of literary research? After Rereading the classics, we will find that the answer is naturally No. The innovation of research perspective and research method based on close reading is the new life of Japanese literature research. In this lecture, we will appreciate the charm of the classic works through the rereading of Natsume's Heart and Akutagawa Ryunosuke's Rashoumon and In the bamboo forest.


Introduction to speakers


Professor liu xiaofang is the director of the department of Japanese, school of foreign languages, tongji university. He is a member of the Japanese sub-committee of the foreign language teaching steering committee of universities and colleges under the ministry of education. He is also the vice President of the China Japanese language teaching research association and the President of the Shanghai branch. The ministry of education humanities and social sciences general project communication evaluation experts, the ministry of education degree and graduate education development center communication evaluation experts. Member of the editorial board of "Japanese language learning and research" and editor-in-chief of "Japanese language education and Japanese studies". Visiting professor, school of international relations, Japan university, distinguished professor, sano short-term university, Japan, director of japan-china translation education association, etc. The research direction is modern Japanese literature and the comparison between Chinese and Japanese literature and culture. He has undertaken major projects of the ministry of education and major projects of the social science base of the ministry of education successively, and independently presided over the completion of general projects of the national social science fund. In recent years, he has published a monographic study of shimazaki tengura's novels, co-authored a study of modern and contemporary Japanese literature, compiled a history of modern and contemporary Japanese literature, and translated several books. He has also published several papers in such core publications as foreign literature studies, foreign literature, and Japanese language learning and research.