the comparison of modern Chinese and Japanese college students' values

School of foreign languages: Eurasian community and Japanese culture lecture series




Lecture title: the comparison of modern Chinese and Japanese college students' values


Speaker: professor Lin minjie from nanjing normal university


Time: 13:30-15:00 on Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Location: webcast format


Object: students of Japanese department of foreign language college of su university


Content summary:


As neighbors separated by a strip of water, China and Japan share the same prosperity and decline. How does the great social change and the departure of tradition affect the thoughts and values of Chinese and Japanese people, especially the young people? What are the characteristics of the thoughts and behaviors of the young people in the context of the rapid changes in social change and values? In this regard, the author has carried out an in-depth empirical investigation and research on the understanding of elite consciousness, ideal pursuit, career view, natural cognition, ecological environment and other issues among university students from 20 universities in China and Japan for 5 years, and planned to make a comparison and analysis on the ideological status and value orientation of contemporary university education and young people in China and Japan.



About the keynote speaker:


Lin minjie is the director professor of Japanese department of nanjing normal university and the only special professor of liberal arts in jiangsu province. We have been committed to peace and friendship for years. He has served as a distinguished professor at Tokyo xueyi university, a consultant to the People's Daily overseas edition of Japan monthly, a researcher at the university of Tokyo, and has taught at waseda university, keio university, gakuin university, etc., for 16 years, and promoted the establishment of the international alliance for teacher education in east Asia. Since he returned to China in 2011, he has obtained or undertaken 7 national-level projects such as the national social science fund major projects, 2 projects of the ministry of education and 2 international cooperation projects. He has published more than 30 papers in authoritative or core publications at home and abroad, published about 10 monographs or edited and translated books, and hosted about 50 international academic conferences. Won the advanced individual of returned overseas Chinese, Chinese university birthday languages award for the best graduation thesis guidance teachers, the title of outstanding teachers and so on more than ten times, won the annual Chinese excellent female literature, social sciences outstanding achievement award of jiangsu province, the province class competition excellence award, international asa, as translation award and excellence award, national social science fund is responsible earnestly, the recognition of expert appraisal. Member of the foreign language and literature steering committee of institutions of higher learning under the ministry of education,


Standing director of China Japanese language teaching research association, vice President of jiangsu branch, China consultant of international Asian community association, etc.