Chinese elements: Japanese Costume Change and Identity

The Eurasian Community and Japanese Culture lecture series of the School of Foreign Languages


Topic: Chinese elements: Japanese Costume Change and Identity


Lecturer: Professor Zhang Houquan, Donghua University


Time: 13:30-15:00 on Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Venue: Tencent Conference


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In modern Japan, "colonizing and developing", "enriching the country and strengthening the army", and "civilizing" seem to be the characteristics of the Meiji restoration, while the emperor's dress at the enthronation ceremony of the Meiji Emperor, as a symbolic event to bid farewell to the imperial costume culture of China which has followed for thousands of years, has never been paid attention to by the academic circle. The change of emperor Meiji's accession to the throne is a symbol of Japan's national will, which clearly expresses The change of Japan's identity. From ancient times to the present, Japan has never given up the pursuit of identity, whether it is the dress and etiquette of the emperor or the public, or literature or political thought, and Chinese elements have always run through it.


Introduction to The Speaker


Zhang Houquan is a professor at Donghua University and visiting research fellow at the Toyo Institute of Culture, University of Tokyo. Expert of national Peer-review Expert database of Social Sciences, expert of communication review of Degree Center of ministry of Education, person in charge of "Construction site of Featured Majors of Higher Education Institutions of Ministry of Education (Japanese)" of Donghua University. He has edited more than 30 textbooks including the New Version of China-japan Exchange Standard Japanese Language TV Lecture, the 11th and 12th Five-Year National planning textbooks, participated in the compilation of the Third Edition of Japanese-Chinese Dictionary (primary school Library), and translated panorama World History (1-5 volumes), etc. He has won the second prize of Shanghai Municipal Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2013 and obtained the academic doctorate.