Professional Competence in Foreign Affairs Interpreting

Lectures on Translation and Interpreting Practice:

Professional Competence in Foreign Affairs Interpreting


Speaker: Ms. Shi Yuchao

Time: 19:00-20:00pm, June 15, 2020

Channel: Tencent Meeting (ID: 647 705 974; PIN: 6666)

Target audience: translation majors in the School of Foreign Languages


About the lecture:

Interpreting in foreign affair contexts is a window showcasing the image of the local government in which the interpreter tries to deliver professional performance to bring messages across and establish good will between different parties.

The interpreter should work in the spirit of remaining loyal to our country and helping the speakers establish common grounds while maintaining differences. Work ethics such as being on time and protecting people鈥檚 privacy are also to be observed. Interpreters for foreign affairs should be politically trustworthy, professionally adequate and encyclopedically prepared.

Introductions will also be made regarding the speaker鈥檚 personal training experience in the Interpreting Division of EU. Through discussions on the screening tests of the EU training program and on the specific training methods there, it is hoped that students will be enlightened on how to train themselves to be excellent interpreters.


About the Speaker:

Ms. Shi Yuchao graduated from Nanjing University with a degree in English. She participated in an interpreting training program in Brussels sponsored by the Chinese government and organized by the EU. Ms. Shi is currently a deputy division chief in the Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipal Government, mainly in charge of liaison between Suzhou and Foreign embassies and consulates in China. Ms. Shi has rich experience in receiving important foreign guests and interpreting for international events.